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Beginner's Guide To Vitamins And Minerals

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The supplement industry is expanding rapidly, which means it’s easy for most individuals to get overwhelmed and lose track of supplements they should be consistently taking. Therefore, we’ve rounded up six important dietary supplements that will take care of your daily nutritional requirement and improve your health when coupled with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise.


Multivitamins are awesome because they’re tiny packages of all the vitamins you need in the right quantities. They’re also included in all of Upplement's Essentials Packs and contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

A nutrient-rich breakfast is the best start to a productive day.

However, contrary to popular belief, vitamins aren’t direct energy suppliers but they do aid in the production and usage of energy from our macronutrient intake. Vitamins also facilitate in the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide while protecting the body against free radical oxidative damage that can cause a plethora of chronic illnesses.

Unfortunately, research shows that those who train vigorously are often those who are deficient in vitamins. You can boost your workout performance and increase your outcome by starting your day off with a multivitamin and nutrient-rich breakfast.


Fish oil supplements are incredibly potent when it comes to improving your health and wellness and boosting happiness. Fish oil is an umbrella term for all omega 3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) nutrients required by the human body. You’ll find a complete fish oil supplement armed with the superpowers of vitamin E (100% RDA) and omega 3-6-9 in all of Upplement's Essentials Packs.

There are countless benefits linked to taking fish oil supps every day. Some of the most noteworthy ones being; reduced inflammation, improved cognitive and heart function and even increased muscle growth and athletic performance and reduced body fat. Fish oil is also an excellent addition to your supplement regimen if you wish to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is most people’s go-to nutrient when they’re sick. However, there’s more to vitamin C than kicking the common cold in the butt!

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals in the body and protects against oxidative damage. Free radicals are chemical nasties in the body formed by environmental factors such as prolonged UV exposure, pollution, cigarette smoking, radiation, herbicides and much more. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E function as scavengers that prevent cell and tissue damage that could potentially lead to colds and chronic disease.

Vitamin C is vital for tissue formation. Following a workout, vitamin C can aid in post-exercise repair and if you’re overly stressed, vitamin C can even help stabilise your cortisol (stress hormone) levels so that you feel less tense and fatigued and more energetic and upbeat!

Also vitamin C is part of all Upplement's Essentials Packs.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is among the only vitamins that can be synthesised through exposure to sunlight. It’s vital for optimum health and life but most of us are not getting enough of it. Even the NHS recommends taking a daily Vitamin D supplement. Luckily for you, Upplement is here to help you with this as well; our Multi-Vitamin, Sunny Booster, and Bones & Joints Booster all contain vitamin D3.

A daily 10 to 30 min outdoor workout is ideal to boost natural vitamin D levels.

According to research, most of us aren’t getting adequate UV light exposure for steady vitamin D levels in the body. One study also states that 1 billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient.  This is especially true in populations living in colder countries with lack of sunlight.

However, this does not mean you can go crazy on the sunbed. Prolonged exposure to sunlight has been linked to premature ageing and skin cancer. Therefore, your best bet would be to limit sun exposure 10 to 30 minutes during the a.m., preferably by working out outdoors. Make sure you wear sunscreen throughout the day, even if it’s cloudy.

A safer alternative would be to pop a vitamin D supplement. Some of the benefits of vitamin D include:

  • increased fat loss and muscle gain
  • improved bone health and overall body strength
  • improved insulin sensitivity
  • improved cardiovascular and cognitive health
  • better mood
  • treatment of skin problems.


Zinc has become popular over the years as a youth-enhancing mineral but what most people don’t understand is that zinc is essential for well… everything in the human body. Whether you’re fighting the flu or acne or you’re training for a 5k, zinc is your new best bud. Where can you find it? We recommend starting with Upplement's Essentials Pack, containing a complete range of nutrients required for great health.

Here’s why. Zinc is an important mineral that helps catalyze chemical responses in your body. It boosts your immunity like a boss and it is continually praised for its positive effect on diabetes, HIV/AIDS and macular degeneration.

And yes, zinc can help you look younger by boosting your hair and skin health, fighting acne and depression and making you look and feel like a very positive individual. If boosting your appearance is part of your current aim, we recommend Upplement's Beauty Booster which contains a number of vitamins and minerals for hair, skin and nail health.

Vitamin A

A vitamin A supplement is especially important for vegans and vegetarians because the nutrient is mostly found in animal byproducts. Vitamin A or retinol is essential for healthy bones, teeth and vision. It’s also vital for a myriad of metabolic functions. You’ll get a good dose of vitamin A from the multi-vitamin in our Essentials Pack.

As a bonus, it boosts collagen production and prevents wrinkles and saggy skin. Double win.


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