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How to Build a New Habit (and Stick With It)

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Every now and then, you get an intense moment of inspiration and motivation and vow to change your life for the better by building a new habit (or multiple!). Everything seems possible, and you decide to start doing and learning a lot of new things. But that moment of motivation passes, and you're left questioning your new lifestyle. Do you really want to learn that? You don't need exercise *every* day! Do I actually need these new vitamins?

This is a short guide to help you better define and build your new habits for good!

1. Choose One New Habit

Making a habit and sticking to it is hard work, which is why you should focus on building one habit at a time. Our daily supply of willpower is limited and every new task you perform during the day gets harder. Committing to more than one new habit at a time makes it harder to stick to them, and you might give up altogether. Ideally, try to perform your new habit in the morning, when your willpower levels are still full. When your new habit becomes routine, you can try implementing another one. Many of our customers keep their daily vitamin packs in the bathroom, or next to their breakfast cereals, in a very visible place. This way it’s easy to implement your new habit of taking your daily vitamins, together with an already existing habit (like brushing your teeth, or having your morning stretch).

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2. Stick to Your Habit for at Least 30 Days

People disagree about how long it takes to successfully form a new habit. Some people say it takes just 21 days, while others put it around 66. I suggest that you try and keep up your new habit for 30 days, or one month. It's a nice round number that we already use as a unit of time. Being consistent with your habit for a full month will establish it as a normal part of your life and routine. The sense of accomplishment will also motivate you to continue. All our Vitamin Protocols come in 30 days supplies. Try not to miss one, and your second month will already feel a lot more like a daily ritual, while starting to experience all the benefits of your new vitamin regime.

3. Be Very Specific

Don't settle for a vague statement, such as “I'll exercise every week”, “I'll eat healthier”, etc. You should plan exactly what you're going to do in detail, making it easier for yourself when the time to perform the habit comes. If you want to exercise, plan the days, the location, the time, what exercises you'll perform, and what clothes you're going to wear ahead of time. If it's a diet, plan out what you're going to eat and when. Making a plan will make it easier for you to make your new habit a part of your life.

We’re making it super easy for you with our daily vitamin packs. The goal is clear: To optimise your nutrients intake and therefore preventing the negative consequences of deficiencies, simply by taking your daily pack. You can even be more specific by stating you’ll take your daily pack each day at the same time. Your new goal will become a solid health habit within no time.

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4. Be Mindful

It’s important to be mindful that the process of instilling new healthy habits will present ups and downs. Nothing can be gained by settling into disappointment with ourselves if we fall off track. An attitude of neutral observation of our actions and their results is the best approach. Forgive yourself and resolve to try again, and again until you find your stride. Be proud of your persistence and patience. You’re worth it!

5. Make a Plan for Obstacles

Forming a new habit isn't easy at the best of times, but a lot of things that will make it even harder can happen. I mentioned earlier that planning in advance is important, and that includes planning for obstacles as well. You can plan for these cases in an if-then pattern. For example - 'if' it rains tomorrow 'then' I'll exercise indoors; 'if' I have to work late 'then' I'll wake up earlier; 'if' the cafeteria at work is full of unhealthy food 'then' I'll start bringing a packed lunch. Having to make a split second decision will often end up in returning to the old routine, so it's very important to plan for possible obstacles.

Your vitamin subscription with us has very few obstacles. You’ll never run out. You don’t need to be home for delivery as our boxes fit through your letterbox. And you can pause, skip and cancel anytime you want.

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6. Don't Allow Excuses

It’s all about being consistent with your new habit during the formative stage. If you make a plan, stick with it. You can't let yourself off the hook or make excuses. Of course, missing one day isn't going to ruin your progress completely, but don't skip a day unless it's something unavoidable. If you resolve to get up at a certain time every morning, for example, discipline yourself to do it every single morning until it becomes automatic. Missing one of your daily vitamin packs isn’t a disaster, but it’s all about consistency. Place daily packs in several locations; your handbag, your office, kitchen, bathroom… (They’re very pretty to look at anyway). This way you have no excuse to miss one.

7. Reward Yourself

This is a very important step and also the most fun one. You're making a great effort towards embracing a new habit, and you shouldn't forget to reward yourself for it. You can choose yourself how to celebrate your success and what the reward should be. It can be as simple as congratulating and encouraging yourself every time you successfully perform your new habit. Or you can set up important milestones and treat yourself to something you like when reaching them. This will make your habit forming experience a lot more enjoyable.

By taking one of your vitamin packs every day, your body has access to the essential nutrients it needs to improve immunity and maintain energy, while avoiding nutritional deficiencies and their consequences. And isn’t that’s the biggest reward after all?

Want to learn more about how to effectively build habits? Check out James Clear's book Atomic Habits. We see this as one of the most comprehensive guides on how to change your habits and get 1% better every day.

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